Throughout the Bible, God calls his people to act in obedience, even when they don’t have the adequate resources to do what they are called to.  In fact, God often places his people into “impossible” situations in which His action is totally necessary for success.  Gideon’s “army” is reduced in size when facing a much larger army.  Jericho is taken by little more than a parade.  Elisha faces a great number alone.  David uses only small stones to face a Giant.

Likewise, Jesus constantly called his disciples to do things they were not equipped and resourced to accomplish.  In fact, when they are sent out 2 by 2, in Mark 6, they aren’t even allow to bring a wallet,food or extra clothes on the mission he sends them out on.  When they face a hungry multitude, Jesus tells them to give the people something to eat!

Why?  Why does God call us to give what we don’t have, to do things we are not equipped to accomplish on our own?  Often, this is how God makes Himself evident in the lives of His people, and increases our dependence and Trust upon him.

How is God working through you to meet the needs of others and to impact His Kingdom?  Use the comments below to share your stories of how God’s generosity is at work through your life!