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Read: Matthew 2:7-12 Luke 2:15-20 Consider: Interestingly, the detail Matthew focuses on in the story of the magi, beyond the star that they followed, is the moment of gift giving. Notice that the gifts are called “treasures” in Matthew 2:11. They were very expensive gifts! Gold, frankincense, and myrrh. These wealthy, learned men, who had […]

The Surprise Gift


Read: Luke 2:1- 18 Micah 5:2 I Corinthians 1:26-28 Consider: “It came about in those days…” These are real events, not a fairy tale. This timing is so very interesting. Not only did it need to coincide with events in the cosmos for the magi to travel as a result of a star in the […]

Giving up Rights


On this second Sunday of Advent, we look at the Angel’s appearance to the shepherds, the arrival of the Magi, and the power of Christ’s entrance into the world. God can sympathize with our pain, because He has been tempted like us. While Christ was worthy of a much larger entrance, He gave up his […]

Socks and Underwear


Read:      James 4:1-3         Matthew 2:-13                  Numbers 24:17    John 6:14-15, 26-27                  John 6:35-40         John 3:16-19                  John 7:37-38 Consider: Have you noticed that by and large people often really want the wrong things?  Or at least we tend    to overly value things that really aren’t important?  We really struggle with not only […]