Advent 2014 :: Questioning Christmas

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Questioning Christmas :: What Now?


After the gifts are opened, the food is eaten and everyone heads home, we are left alone once again with the routine of life.  What about Mary and Joseph, what happened to them after the shepherds and other visitors left?  What took place after the manger?  Let’s look together at the story that follows the […]

Questioning Christmas :: What will this child be?


Whether you were told as a kid, “you’ll never amount to anything” or “you can do anything you put your mind to” … we grow up with dreams and aspirations.  Many times, life leads us down other paths, and some of us hold regret.  Luke tells us of a community captured by wonder in what […]

Questioning Christmas :: Why me?


“Why me?” is a question we usually consider when bad things happen or life doesn’t go as we hoped.  But there is another side to this coin needing our consideration.  When the good stuff we don’t deserve comes along, or the opportunity we may doubt we are up to the task for.  Maybe in those […]

Questioning Christmas :: How Is This Possible?


Doubt isn’t always a bad thing.  In fact, doubt and questions are often the fire of our faith’s development.  How do you respond to the seemingly impossible?  Do you write it off, try to ignore it, face it head on doubts and all?  Join us as we consider the freedom that comes from living life […]

Questioning Christmas :: How Do We Really Know?


“Too good to be true.” Words all of us have heard at some point, and a feeling most of us have experienced.  When something seems too good to be true, when is it o.k. to question, and how should we respond to our questions?  For that matter how does God respond to our questions?  Join […]