Spring 2015 :: Easter

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Easter :: Finding Clarity


Clarity makes the seemingly impossible obtainable. Without clarity, even the simple can become overwhelming. Jesus offers us clarity for our lives that empowers the amazing to become our personal experience. Join us for clarity.

Easter :: The Secret of Growth


Sometimes growth gets stunted. It might be a plant you placed in poor soil, or forgot to water. In the same way, our spirit can be stunted in its growth. Jesus offered a secret to personal growth that really isn’t complicated at all, but makes all the difference in the world. Join us as we discover the secret to growth.

Easter :: Light Bulb


We often find ourselves stumbling in the dark through a problem, a conflict or a question …until we have that “light bulb” moment when what was dark and obscured becomes clear as day. Jesus was called “the light of the world”, described as light that has shined upon darkness. What problem, conflict or question in your life, might the light of Jesus bring clarity upon?

Easter :: Life Upgraded


Many of us upgrade our phones, computers and gadgets every couple years because a newer, better version is available. What we have at some point becomes obsolete in the face of becomes available. What if life is exactly that way as well? Is it possible we could be living an upgraded life from the one we currently have?

Easter :: Confusion isn’t New


As Jesus approached Jerusalem the week he would be murdered, crowds roared approval and welcomed his arrival. But Jesus looked at the city and did something unexpected. He wept. The crowds wanted Jesus to be something he wasn’t. What Jesus offered, they didn’t understand and failed to accept. Perhaps things haven’t changed much in 2000 years and we are still somewhat confused about who Jesus is! If you have questions about Jesus, join us!