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Guest Speaker :: Excuse Me… But What Is Your Name?


John Wiebe is the President of the MB Foundation. In this message, he discusses the cultural push to be a consumer and how that stand in direct contrast with the role that we are called to in the Bible – a steward. For more information on the MB Foundation, check out:

The Master’s Touch


Quinton Williams, from the Eugene Mission, joins us this week to talk about how Christ’s touch changes us. We get a chance to hear a bit of Quinton’s journey to Eugene and experiences at the mission.

Devote Yourselves to Prayer


Steve Buss of the One Hope Network shared with us today from Colossians. Steve shared the exciting work of drawing local churches together in the name of Christ – something that is not an optional activity but a commandment. We are challenged to pray for open doors, that we would speak clearly, that the Gospel […]

Guest Sermon :: Climbing Trees


Special guest Quinton Williams brought today’s message. We have been created to walk in good works. We need to realize when an opportunity comes and walk into it! In Acts 19:11 we find the beginning of the church at Ephesus. They recognized that power lies in Jesus, not their idols. They were so convinced of […]