Summer 2014 :: Prayers of Paul

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Prayers of Paul :: Every Good Thing


It is natural for us to want to pray for good things to come to those we love … and certainly to ourselves as well. But are all the good things we pray for really good things? Will that new job, new car, new house, new relationship, new health make the difference most needed in […]

Prayers of Paul :: Counted Worthy


What would cause a man like Paul to boast about his loved ones? And what does it mean to be counted worthy? Considering these two questions may lead us to pray differently for those we love.

Prayers of Paul :: Abounding


What should we abound in? The term means to be rich and well supplied; for something to exist in great quantity. What should our lives abound in? If there was one thing you would want you life well supplied with, one quality or item, what would have the greatest impact? What is it our lives […]

Prayers of Paul :: Finding Full


We want to experience all that God has for us. But how do we find that full life? Is there a path that can clearly guide us to this amazing discovery? Paul gives us a clear compass point towards which we set our hearts and minds, and an example of how to pray for those […]