Winter 2015 :: Psalm 23

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Psalm 23 :: The Promise


As we come to the final lines of this psalm, David points out two very specific and distinct realities that are true as we follow the lead of our Good shepherd. As we begin to live lives IN Dependence upon him. What is fascinating is that these aren’t always the first two things we would […]

Psalm 23 :: The Table


Not only is God our Great Shepherd, but He is also our gracious Host, preparing a banquet for us.  What is the symbolism of this table, and what does it mean to accept the invitation?  What would it mean to decline it?

Psalm 23 :: The Valley


The most famous line of this well known Psalm. The valley of the shadow of death. What is it? Why would we find ourselves there? And most importantly, what is God’s offer to us, when our lives are marked by darkness and frightening shadows?

Psalm 23 :: The Process


Remember the old commercial with the famous line, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”? Where do we turn when pieces of our lives are broken, or stuck upside down? There are moments when no matter how hard we try, our independence fails us. The good shepherd restores, he makes right; he picks us up […]

Psalm 23 :: Still Waters


“You can’t make me!”  Is there a child in the universe that has not used this response?  We don’t like anyone to make us do anything.  But what if one was to make (maybe you like the word cause better) us do that which we truly need most?  Would we allow it at the cost […]

Psalm 23 :: The Shepherd


As beautiful as these poetic words are in the opening of Psalm 23, what exactly do they mean? If The LORD is my shepherd, does that make me a sheep?  And is it actually possible to “not want”?  When we  slow down and consider the words of this well known Psalm, we realize they tell […]