Winter 2015 :: Get Rich Quick

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Get Rich Quick :: Do your riches matter?


Riches themselves do not equate to meaning.  Riches can be wasted, or they can have purpose.  In fact, the way we use our resources is one of the clearest indicators of what we value, and what we find meaning in.  Do your riches actually matter, and what are they saying about your heart?

Get Rich Quick :: Acting like Rich People


Did you know rich people act differently?  How and why?  Does God challenge us to act like we are rich?  The answer is clearly yes – join us as we consider what that actually means.  It might surprise you!

Get Rich Quick :: The Reason to Be Rich


If God, the creator, provides all that we would consider riches, are they provided haphazardly, or for a purpose?  Is there a reason to desire being rich, and if so what is the basis for it beyond greed?  Lets approach these questions directly, together as we hear Paul’s no-holds-barred teaching on money.

Get Rich Quick :: That Happened Fast!


Would you call yourself rich?  Why or why not?  For that matter, what does it actually mean to be rich … how do we define that word?  And if we are rich, what are the implications on how we live our lives?  Join us as we dive into a frank discussion on how we approach […]