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Why Church?

We go through the majority of our lives without considering why we do what we do. This morning you likely didn’t consider why you brushed your teeth, why you made coffee, why you put your clothes on, stopped at that traffic light, clocked in for work, came home, etc. Those are all important things for sure, but we don’t consider why we are doing them.
When things get hard, or something begins to cost us personally … if we don’t have a clear answer for why, then we might be in trouble. Why stay in this marriage that is so painful? Why stick it out with a boss who seems to have it out for me?
Furthermore, we are not likely to commit to anything in a significant way if there is personal cost, unless we have a good WHY for doing it.

So Why church? This is such a critical question for us to face if we are going to orient or lives around the calling of Jesus Christ … and for many, the answer isn’t as clear as we would like it to be. Is there a compelling case for the church? Join us as we wrestle honestly with this question.