Jesus' Love Transforming Community

Series 2016-Start Here

One of the foundational viewpoints of Christians, that is those who follow Jesus, is that God is the Creator. This belief or conviction is foundational to such much of how we view the world, theology, ourselves, our circumstances and how all of those things interact with one another.

The first three chapters of Genesis are ground zero for our understanding of God, the creator. Sadly, what is incredibly beautiful writing, full of hope and wonder is also the battlefield for arguments primarily focused on evolution, intelligent design, and the seeming collision of theology and science.

For 6 weeks, we will to dive into this text together, in a courageous manner. Together, we will consider if we might ask better questions, how we might be caught up in our own assumptions, and even more what it means to be created in God’s image, the significance of male and female, the purpose in work and creativity and how God responds to failure.