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Giving Tuesday

You’ve heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday… Now get ready for Giving Tuesday! In the midst of this consumerist-crazy season, many in our country are taking this day to consider how to give back to the community. This Giving Tuesday, we encourage you to consider donating to the Feed Hope food drive for Bertha Holt elementary schoolchildren who face food insecurity…

Holiday Concert at Garden Way

The concert is free, but an offering is collected with all proceeds going toward the Holt Holiday Shopping program, which provides the opportunity to the neediest children at Bertha Holt Elementary to purchase Christmas presents for their family. Held at Garden Way Church.

North Park Teen Olympics

Thursday evening, August 11th. The time…6:30. The location…North Park Olympic stadium. The competitors (grades 6 through 12 this fall) should begin training immediately with their eye/hand coordination, breath control, facial mobility, mental acuity, and scooter swimming strokes. There will be awards for Olympic decorated bike helmets. You can be a part of these Olympics, even if you aren’t a Teen. You could…