Jesus' Love Transforming Community

Sermons by David Reed (Page 3)

Abide :: The Mission of Friendship

John 12 is filled with those who are confused about Jesus.  Many desiring something other, less than, what Jesus offers to them.  At the heart of the confusion is a misunderstanding of our own need for rescue.  What exactly does Jesus offer to us, and surprising example do we find of how we might respond…

When Jesus is Hard

Have you ever thought, “Jesus is hard”? The truth is, He was hard for many of the people in the Bible! In John chapter 6, we’ll track through a long conversation Jesus had one day with a crowd of common people, some scholars, and His own followers. We’ll see how His teaching was perceived as increasingly difficult to all of them (and His movement nearly obliterated) because of their own misconceptions of Messiah.