Jesus' Love Transforming Community

Lessons from a Follower :: Witnesses

Ecclesiastes 7:8-10
Acts 1:6-8
Matthew 28:16-20
John 4:27-38
Our mission is quite simple. We are to be witnesses.
A witness is only responsible to tell what he knows.
We are to tell the story of how Jesus has changed
our lives.
I believe our best days as a church lie ahead of us. I
believe that God desires to do much more through us
than we realize. The fields are right in front of us!
This is what I believe god would have us focus our
energy towards in this New Year of following Him and
loving His people:
Pray: Pray for impact, for changed lives, for new and
growing disciples.
Share the Gospel: Make it YOUR mission. Be
intentional. Know the gospel so you can share it
more effectively!
Connect Deeply in Community: Take a risk. At the
very least, know all your neighbors by name. Bring
Give Extravagantly: Add a percentage to you “tithe”.
Stretch yourself. Generosity is by nature giving
myself away in a costly manner.
Serve Personally in Ministry: You are gifted! Care
about justice and engage brokenness.You are the church. You are the chapter being
written in the story of North Park. Join me in
committing this coming year to praying, sharing,
growing together, giving and serving. What is one
step you can take this week?