Jesus' Love Transforming Community

Seeking Lost Treasure

This week we focus on the Parable of the Lost Coin. A woman has ten silver coins and loses one. She begins an exhaustive search to find the coin. When she finds it, she throws a party to celebrate. We put effort and search for things in our life that we value. This woman valued the coin and dedicated her time and energy to finding it. In the same way, who are the people in our lives that we need to pursue to share our lives and the Gospel? When we value others, we share who we are with them as well as what God has done in our lives.

For the next couple of weeks, we are going to focus on how we live out this calling at a very practical level. The place we begin is at the dining room table. You and I must constantly make room at our table if we are to live obediently to the call God has placed on our lives as follower of Jesus Christ. It is often in our homes that others can most clearly see how the grace we talk about looks lived out.