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Brick by Brick :: Defining Moments

Nehemiah continues with heartbreak. We recapped last week’s section of scripture, but then see that something changes in Nehemiah. He prays to God in a model that we may also be challenged to use:

Ask God to hear our prayers – pray with humility

Confess sins/ask for forgiveness

Remember that God is Faithful

Ask for God’s favor & success

Nehemiah was a powerful figure in Israel’s history.  Nehemiah led the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s walls after generations of His people living in Exile.  God used Nehemiah as a catalyst in rebuilding a broken city and restoring a broken people.  In leading the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s walls God used Nehemiah to redirect the trajectory of a whole people nationally and spiritually.  From an engineering perspective, a political perspective or even a human resources perspective, what Nehemiah managed to do was nothing short of amazing.

And yet like anything else, that wall went up brick by brick, step by step.  That is often how restoration comes – more than a moment, rather a process driven by prayer, faith, community and obedience.  Join us as we consider how God is inviting you and I to engage in leading others out of brokenness and into restoration.