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Lessons from a Follower :: Call of a Follower

We’re asked to prove who we are multiple times every day. Whether in the form of passwords, asking who is at the door, or just having our ID checked at the grocery store, we know what it’s liked to be asked to show identification for who we are. Jesus approaches the disciples by walking on the water to them. Not knowing who is approaching, the disciples are afraid. Peter proposes that if it is truly Christ that is approaching, that Jesus should invite Peter onto the water.

For six weeks we are focusing our attention together on what it looks like to be a follower of Jesus Christ.  Being a “follower” of anything or anyone isn’t really esteemed in our culture.  We value leaders.

And yet, there is a major difference between being a fan of Jesus, and being a committed follower of Jesus.The goal of this series is together to grow as more devoted followers of Jesus, by looking to the example of one of Jesus’ first followers, A man first known as Simon, but given the name Pete