Jesus' Love Transforming Community

Core Beliefs

Our understanding of God comes from the Bible.  We believe that Jesus calls the people of the church to live in community (being), to serve God and others (doing), and to communicate to the world that God reigns over everything (telling).  Our beliefs can be condensed into those three ideas.

We seek to think and live biblically.  We commit to believing, studying, and obeying the Bible as our trustworthy and final authority.  (2 Timothy 3:15-17; 2 Peter 1:19-21).  Our confession of faith is a statement about what we believe the Bible has to say about living in our world today.  As a biblical people, we commit to resolving questions about God and how we are to live by asking, “What does the Bible say?” and “How do we apply Scripture so that it guides how we live in today’s world?”

We seek to allow the Bible itself to guide us in our understanding of God.  We believe we should always go to the Scriptures for answers to questions about God, rather than to human systems such as systematic theologies.  These may not accurately or adequately reflect a biblical theology.

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