Jesus' Love Transforming Community

North Park Youth

Pool Party

We love Students! Our vision is to empower you to grow in your faith through mentorship, service and time spent together growing in our love for Jesus.

We intentionally include students in our main service on Sunday mornings, encouraging you in three things:
1. Sit together! Make it a point to be together as a group.

2. Find a way to serve. Whether it is with sound or slides, or greeting, or in the nursery, or whatever you have interest in, we want to help you grow, and serving is one of the best ways for that to happen. (If you aren’t sure how you might serve, let’s get together and talk about the possibilities!)

Teen Olympics

3. Give us your honest feedback – we want to help you feel engaged with the Sunday service. If you don’t understand something, tell us. If the message doesn’t seem relevant to you, tell us. If you want us to deal with a specific topic… Tell us! YOU can help us make our Sunday Service more engaging.

If you would like to host a NP Youth event at your home, or support this ministry in other ways, email