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Brick by Brick :: Consequential Risk

As Cup Bearer to the King, Nehemiah was a in a position of power and responsibility. In the midst of his mourning about Israel, he choses to act and take a risk. The Cup Bearer was expected to keep the King in a good mood, but Nehemiah allows his sadness to show. He then requests that the King allow him to rebuild the city. Not only does the King grant his request, but he also supplies materials and protection for the endeavor. We are challenged to look at what factors keep us from taking risks in life for the cause of Christ.

Nehemiah was a powerful figure in Israel’s history.  Nehemiah led the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s walls after generations of His people living in Exile.  God used Nehemiah as a catalyst in rebuilding a broken city and restoring a broken people.  In leading the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s walls God used Nehemiah to redirect the trajectory of a whole people nationally and spiritually.  From an engineering perspective, a political perspective or even a human resources perspective, what Nehemiah managed to do was nothing short of amazing.

And yet like anything else, that wall went up brick by brick, step by step.  That is often how restoration comes – more than a moment, rather a process driven by prayer, faith, community and obedience.  Join us as we consider how God is inviting you and I to engage in leading others out of brokenness and into restoration.