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Brick by Brick :: Dealing with Junk Mail

Chapter 6 of Nehemiah:The wall has been completed and they’re working on the gates. So Israel’s enemies from the surrounding areas make three attempts to destroy Nehemiah or destroy his effectiveness. First they invite Nehemiah (four times!) away from the protection of Jerusalem to their own territory to “talk.” Nehemiah replies with wisdom, “I’m engaged in a great task and can’t come.” Next they create false accusations about Nehemiah. Nehemiah calmly responds that the accusation is not true. Finally, they hire a friend of Nehemiah’s to convince him to enter the temple to be protected. Nehemiah refuses to do this, since it was forbidden for a non-priest, and prays to God for protection. So the work is finished in spite of all the attempts against it – in 52 days! We need to follow Nehemiah’s example by: (1) Not getting angry over false accusations; (2) Not letting fear drive us to disobey God; (3) Not being held by criticism or fear; and (4) Finding our strength, hope, and approval in God alone.