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Lessons from a Follower :: Changed as a Follower

So many products are sold with “Before & After” pictures. These pictures promote a quick and effortless change and often this appeals to us. In contrast, we see the disciples making radical changes in their lives. They go from being fisherman to followers of Christ. Yet, we also know that there was hardship along the way and this transformation doesn’t happen overnight.

For six weeks we are focusing our attention together on what it looks like to be a follower of Jesus Christ.  Being a “follower” of anything or anyone isn’t really esteemed in our culture.  We value leaders.

And yet, there is a major difference between being a fan of Jesus, and being a committed follower of Jesus.The goal of this series is together to grow as more devoted followers of Jesus, by looking to the example of one of Jesus’ first followers, A man first known as Simon, but given the name Pete